When it comes to creating the ideal office space, one often overlooked aspect is the color scheme. The colors surrounding us can have a significant impact on our mood, productivity, and overall well-being. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right colors for your office environment. Amazon offers a wide array of office supplies, including office color options. In this article, we will explore and review ten of the best colors for an office available on Amazon.

1. Calming Blue

Blue is known to promote calmness, focus, and productivity. It is an excellent color choice for office spaces where you need to keep distractions to a minimum. One popular option on Amazon is the “Ocean Mist” from the Benjamin Moore collection. Its serene and soothing tone creates a tranquil environment that can enhance concentration and creativity.

2. Energizing Yellow

If you’re looking for a color that evokes energy and positivity, yellow could be the perfect choice for your office. A lively shade like “Sunshine Yellow” from the Sherwin-Williams collection can provide a cheerful atmosphere, stimulating a vibrant and productive work environment.

3. Invigorating Green

Green is known to represent growth, harmony, and balance. It is an excellent color for fostering creativity and reducing stress. The “Meadow Green” from Behr is an Amazon favorite and can help create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere in your office space.

4. Sophisticated Gray

Gray is often associated with professionalism and sophistication. It is a versatile color that can easily complement any office decor. Opt for a shade like “Classic Gray” from Benjamin Moore to create a sleek and modern look while promoting focus and concentration.

5. Vibrant Red

Red is a color that can evoke strong emotions and increase energy levels. It is an excellent choice for offices where high-intensity work is the norm. The “Ferrari Red” from Valspar is a bold and vibrant option that can create a stimulating and dynamic atmosphere.

6. Neutral Beige

When you need a color that is understated yet warm, beige is an ideal choice. It provides a sense of tranquility and helps create a calming atmosphere in your office. The “Soothing Beige” from Behr is a popular option on Amazon, offering a subtle and sophisticated look.

7. Professional White

White is a classic color that exudes professionalism and cleanliness. It can make your office space appear more spacious while providing a blank canvas for your creativity. Opt for a shade like “Whisper White” from Sherwin-Williams to create a minimalist and professional ambiance.

8. Productive Orange

Orange is a color known to inspire enthusiasm, creativity, and motivation. It is an excellent choice for offices where brainstorming and idea generation take center stage. Consider the “Tangerine Dream” shade from Benjamin Moore to incorporate this energizing color into your workspace.

9. Serene Purple

Purple is often associated with creativity, spirituality, and calmness. It is a unique color that adds a touch of elegance to your office decor. The “Lilac Time” from Valspar is an Amazon favorite, providing a serene and peaceful ambiance for a productive work environment.

10. Stimulating Pink

Pink is a color that can create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. It is often associated with femininity but can be used effectively in any office space. Opt for a shade like “Blushing Bride” from Benjamin Moore to add a touch of warmth and creativity to your workspace.


Color choices can significantly impact the overall atmosphere and productivity of your office space. Whether you prefer calming blues, energizing yellows, invigorating greens, or sophisticated grays, Amazon offers a wide range of color options to suit your needs. Consider the impact you want to create and choose a color that aligns with the mood and purpose of your office environment. With the right color scheme, you can transform your workspace into a vibrant, productive, and inspiring place to work.

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