10 Best InSinkErator on Amazon


InSinkErator is a well-known brand in the world of kitchen appliances, particularly in the realm of garbage disposals. With their commitment to quality and innovation, it is no wonder that their products are highly regarded. In this article, we will review the top 10 InSinkErator models available on Amazon, highlighting their features, performance, and customer satisfaction.

1. InSinkErator Evolution Compact:

The Evolution Compact is a space-saving garbage disposal that doesn’t compromise on power. Equipped with a ¾ horsepower motor, it can effectively handle food waste without causing a ruckus in your kitchen. Additionally, its Multigrind technology ensures smooth and efficient operation, even with tough scraps.

2. InSinkErator Evolution Excel:

For those seeking the ultimate power and performance, the Evolution Excel is a top-tier choice. Its 1 horsepower motor pulverizes food waste effortlessly, reducing jams and clogs. This model also incorporates SoundSeal technology, making it one of the quietest disposals on the market.

3. InSinkErator Badger 5:

An entry-level model, the Badger 5 does not lack in reliability and efficiency. With a ½ horsepower motor and Dura-Drive induction system, it can handle daily kitchen waste with ease. Its simple installation process and affordable price make it an excellent option for first-time buyers.

4. InSinkErator Essential XTR:

The Essential XTR offers a balance between power and convenience. Its ¾ horsepower motor ensures smooth grinding, while the included sink top switch and the jam-sensor circuitry add convenience to your kitchen routine. With its compact design and easy installation, it is a popular choice among homeowners.

5. InSinkErator Pro750:

The Pro750 is a professional-grade disposal designed for heavy use. Its ¾ horsepower motor combined with an auto-reverse grind system ensures efficiency and jam-free operation. This model also features a three-bolt mounting system, allowing for a secure installation.

6. InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control:

For those seeking a disposal with added safety features, the Evolution Cover Control is an excellent choice. Equipped with a magnetic cover start activation, it ensures that the unit only operates when the cover is securely in place. With its advanced noise reduction system, it is also a quiet option.

7. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist:

Designed specifically for homes with septic systems, the Evolution Septic Assist assists in the breakdown of waste efficiently. Its Bio-Charge enzyme treatment system helps to ensure the proper decomposition of food scraps, making it an eco-friendly option. This model also features SoundSeal technology for a quieter operation.

8. InSinkErator Evolution Prestige:

The Evolution Prestige is a sleek and powerful disposal that boasts a 1 ¼ horsepower motor. This heavy-duty unit can handle large quantities of food waste without compromising performance. With its easy installation and compact design, it is suitable for both professional kitchens and residential use.

9. InSinkErator Evolution CoverPlus:

The Evolution CoverPlus combines power, convenience, and safety. Its magnetic cover start activation prevents accidental operation, adding an extra layer of protection. The included Brushed Stainless Steel sink flange complements any kitchen style, making it a popular choice among homeowners who value aesthetics.

10. InSinkErator Badger 1:

The Badger 1 is a cost-effective choice for those seeking a reliable garbage disposal. With its 1/3 horsepower motor and galvanized steel grind system, it efficiently disposes of food waste. While it may not have the power of more advanced models, it is an excellent entry-level option.


When it comes to garbage disposals, InSinkErator is a brand that consistently delivers high-quality products. From the compact and efficient Evolution Compact to the powerful and feature-rich Evolution Excel, there is an InSinkErator model to suit every kitchen’s needs. As you browse through the options listed here, consider the size of your household, desired power level, and specific features that match your requirements. With an InSinkErator disposal in your kitchen, you can effortlessly dispose of food waste, keeping your space clean and odor-free.

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