When it comes to maintaining our homes, certain essential fixtures require our attention. One such fixture is our toilet. However, when the inner mechanisms of a toilet start to malfunction, it can become a frustrating and messy ordeal. Thankfully, offers a wide range of high-quality toilet guts, ensuring that you can replace the faulty parts swiftly and efficiently. In this article, we will review ten of the best toilet guts available on, providing you with reliable options to consider for your next purchase.

The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 is a popular choice among homeowners due to its durability and compatibility with various toilet models. This kit includes a fill valve and a flapper, both made with excellent craftsmanship. The fill valve allows for quick and quiet water refills, while the flapper ensures a tight seal. With easy installation instructions and a reasonable price point, the Fluidmaster 400CRP14 receives high praises from customers.

The Fluidmaster 400AH High-Performance Toilet Fill Valve

Designed especially for older toilets, the Fluidmaster 400AH is renowned for its water-saving capabilities. With adjustable height and fast-fill technology, it takes less time to refill your tank, reducing water waste. Additionally, its durable construction ensures longevity, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient fill valve.

The Korky 528MP QuietFILL Platinum Fill Valve

Engineered with noise reduction in mind, the Korky 528MP QuietFILL Platinum Fill Valve offers a peaceful and efficient filling process. Its universal design fits most toilet models, and its innovative design eliminates water hammer noise. The simple installation process and compatibility with various water pressures make it a popular choice among buyers.

The Fluidmaster 502P21 2-Inch Universal Flush Valve

Another standout product from Fluidmaster, the 502P21 Flush Valve is a universal replacement for toilets with a 2-inch flush valve. Its sturdy construction and chemical-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance. With an adjustable overflow tube and gasket, it guarantees a proper flush, eliminating the common issues of incomplete or weak flushing.

The American Standard 7381129-200.0070A Universal Flapper and Chain Kit

For those seeking a straightforward flapper replacement, the American Standard 7381129-200.0070A kit delivers. Its universal design fits most American Standard toilets, providing a hassle-free installation experience. Made with durable materials, this flapper promises leak-free performance to save both water and money.

The Toto TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve

Known for its exceptional quality, the Toto TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve is a product that stands out. With a patented hydraulics system, it ensures a quiet refill, preventing disturbances during bathroom visits. This valve is compatible with various Toto toilet models and offers simple installation instructions, making it a reliable option.

The Kohler GP1078440 Universal Fill Valve Kit

The Kohler GP1078440 Universal Fill Valve Kit is designed to fit most Kohler toilets. Its sturdy construction guarantees a leak-free operation, allowing for fast and efficient tank refills. Customers appreciate its durability and ease of installation, making it a popular choice among Kohler toilet owners.

The NEXT BY DANCO HydroRight Universal Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kit

As the name suggests, this kit by DANCO focuses on water conservation. The NEXT BY DANCO HydroRight ensures efficient toilet flushing while reducing water usage. Its dual flush feature allows you to control the amount of water used, leading to savings on your water bill. With its compatibility with most standard toilet models and straightforward installation process, it provides an easy and eco-friendly solution.

The Korky 2003BP EasyFix Flush Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

The Korky 2003BP EasyFix kit is well-loved by homeowners for its simplicity and effectiveness. This package includes both a flush valve and a flapper, ensuring a complete replacement of faulty parts. Its universal design makes it compatible with most toilets, and its durable materials ensure long-lasting performance. Customers appreciate its affordability and ease of installation.

The Toto THU500S Replacement Flapper

Specifically designed for Toto toilets, the Toto THU500S Replacement Flapper offers a perfect fit and reliable performance. Its silicone construction provides a tight seal, preventing any water leaks. With simple installation instructions, this flapper replacement is a top choice for Toto toilet owners looking for a hassle-free solution.


Maintaining a functioning toilet is essential for a comfortable home, and when issues arise, it’s crucial to replace faulty parts promptly. With the variety of high-quality toilet guts available on, you can find the perfect replacement to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a fill valve, flapper, or a complete repair kit, options like the Fluidmaster 400CRP14, Korky 528MP, and Toto TSU99A.X offer excellent reliability and durability. With the right choice, you can ensure a smoothly running toilet that saves water and provides peace of mind for years to come.

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