When it comes to drawing, nothing beats the convenience and precision of a touch laptop. With the ability to sketch and create digitally, artists can now take their talent anywhere they desire. Amazon offers a wide range of touch laptops that cater specifically to the needs of artists. In this article, we will review 10 of the best touch laptops for drawing available on Amazon.

1. Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15 boasts a stunning 4K display, making it perfect for artists who demand high-resolution visuals. Its touch screen allows for precise and fluid strokes while drawing. With a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and ample RAM capacity, artists can run resource-intensive design software effortlessly.

2. Microsoft Surface Book 3

The Microsoft Surface Book 3, with its detachable touch screen and Surface Pen compatibility, provides unmatched versatility. Its crisp display, combined with a high-powered processor and dedicated GPU, offers an exceptional drawing experience. The laptop’s battery life is also impressive, ensuring hours of uninterrupted creativity.

3. HP Spectre x360

Equipped with an ultra-responsive touch screen, the HP Spectre x360 offers precision and accuracy while drawing. Its sleek design and lightweight build make it highly portable. The laptop’s long-lasting battery life and powerful specifications, including an Intel Core i7 processor, ensure seamless drawing sessions.

4. Lenovo Yoga C940

The Lenovo Yoga C940 features a vibrant touch display that supports pen input, providing an enjoyable drawing experience. Its hinge design allows for flexible usage modes, transforming the laptop into a tablet effortlessly. With its powerful processor and dedicated graphics, this laptop handles graphic-intensive tasks with ease.

5. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

Artists looking for a touch laptop that stands out from the crowd will find the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo to be a perfect choice. It features two touch screens – the main 4K display and the secondary ScreenPad Plus, designed specifically for multitasking while drawing. This powerhouse laptop also boasts an impressive set of specifications, making it ideal for professional artists.

6. Acer Predator Helios 300

Though primarily known as a gaming laptop, the Acer Predator Helios 300 is also a reliable choice for artists who prefer touch screens. Its high refresh rate display provides smooth and seamless drawing experiences. The laptop’s robust specifications, including a powerful processor and a dedicated graphics card, ensure lag-free creativity.

7. Dell Inspiron 15 7000

With its affordable price tag and touch screen capabilities, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is a great option for both beginner and intermediate artists. The laptop offers decent processing power and a clear display, enabling artists to create beautiful artworks without breaking the bank.

8. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple enthusiasts will appreciate the touch capabilities of the MacBook Pro. Its Retina display provides excellent color accuracy, making it a favorite among digital artists. With Apple’s powerful processor and dedicated graphics card, this laptop is a reliable companion for graphic-intensive tasks.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 combines the portability of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop, making it an excellent choice for artists on the go. Its responsive touch screen and compatibility with the Surface Pen ensure a smooth drawing experience. The laptop’s specifications and long battery life make it suitable for both casual and professional artists.

10. LG Gram 17

The LG Gram 17 is an ultralight touch laptop that offers a large and immersive display. Its touch screen supports pen input, allowing artists to showcase their creativity effortlessly. With its impressive battery life and powerful specifications, this laptop provides a seamless drawing experience.


Choosing a touch laptop for drawing can greatly enhance an artist’s capabilities and flexibility. Amazon offers a wide selection of touch laptops specifically designed with artists in mind. Whether you prioritize high-resolution displays, processing power, versatility, or budget-friendly options, there is undoubtedly a touch laptop that suits your needs. With our list of the top 10 touch laptops for drawing on Amazon, artists can now make an informed decision and pursue their passion for digital art with ease.

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